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We are there for you at all times, day or night to provide excellence in funeral care when you and your family need it most.

The Vale Funeral Service have an excellent reputation in Barry and throughout the Vale, offering a first-class service to ensure we serve you during your time of need in a sensitive, dignified, and appropriate as well as professional manner. As independent funeral directors, we continually take the ever-changing needs of today’s funeral service into consideration at all times.

Experienced Professionals 

The dedicated staff at Vale Funeral Service have more than 300 years’ experience between them in the funeral profession, serving the needs of the bereaved. Our premises at 181 Court Road are tastefully decorated and provide a serene environment where loved ones can be visited before the funeral.

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+ Lyndsay Ellis cert.FP, FIFDC, LMBIFD

+ Nicola Ellis cert.FP, FIFDC, LMBIFD

+ NAFD Membership

+ The Funeral Arbitration Scheme

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