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Following the death of a close relative or friend, everything can suddenly become confusing. It can be difficult to know what to do next or even where to turn. Understanding the procedures that follow a death can help to put your mind at rest, as many aspects depend on whether your loved one has died suddenly, at home, or in hospital.

A Thoughtful Tribute

The funeral service is a testimony to a person's life. As well as a recognition that this unique and special individual has died, it is one of the first steps for a family to come to terms with their loss.
We recognised that a funeral is special for each family, and strive to ensure that every person’s individual needs are met, paying particular attention to cultural and religious beliefs. Our family endeavours to be as helpful and thoughtful as possible.

Although we are available at all times, day or night, and every day of the year, we are also happy to attend your family home if you feel more comfortable discussing the arrangements for your loved one there. 

Important Details

When we are instructed to carry out funeral arrangements, complete responsibility is taken to guide you through the procedures that have to be followed. Our staff deal with all the formalities and legal requirements, ensuring you don’t have anything to worry about at this truly difficult time. 

What to Do When You Lose a Loved One

If the death was expected due to an illness, you should firstly contact the GP to inform them of the death. The doctor will attend to confirm the death, and if he/she is satisfied with the cause, you can contact a funeral director of your choice. They will then move the person who has died to their funeral home. The doctor can then issue the necessary medical certificate to enable you to register the death.

+ When the Death Occurs in Hospital

+ When the Death is Unexpected

How to Register a Death 

The death must be registered in the district where the death occurred.
In England, Wales, and Northern Ireland, this must be done within 5 days and in Scotland, within 8 days. We can assist you in obtaining all necessary paperwork and are always happy to advise you every step of the way. Registering the death takes about half an hour, and you need to make an appointment beforehand. You can find the contact details you need for local offices below.

+ Who Can Register a Death?

+ Documents You Need to Take with You:

+ FAQs 

+ Organisations that the "Tell Us Once Service" Contact on Your Behalf:

+ Documents you recieve from the registrar

Local Registry Offices within Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan

Barry Register Office

Civic Offices
Holton Road
CF63 4RU
Tel: 01446 700111

Penarth Register Office
West House
Stanwell Road
CF64 2YG
Tel: 029 2070 7862

Cardiff Register Office
City Hall
Civic Centre
CF10 3ND
Tel: 029 2087 1684

Contact us in Barry, Vale of Glamorgan, to find out more about funeral planning as part of our funeral service.