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Our Contribution to the Local Community

Vale Funeral Service Helps Mount Pleasant Baptist Church

Lyndsay Ellis @ Vale Funeral Service has given a helping hand to a local Church’s community work in Cadoxton. The community hall belonging to Mount Pleasant Baptist was damaged during the snow last March and preventing its use over the last six months. This meant every group or club needed to move into the church building leading to increased wear and tear.

Whilst insurance covered the replacement roof and floor for the hall they didn’t have the funds to repair the floor of the Oasis.

Andy Gibbs, Minister in training, said: “We used the Oasis, a room to the back of the church building, to keep the groups running but the increased wear on the floor was really starting to notice. We didn’t have the funds to replace it, so we reached out to Vale Funeral Services for help.”

Vale Funeral Service came to their rescue and gave them a gift enabling them to replace the floor, lifting the whole feel of the room.

"We are so grateful," said Andy, "With Lyndsay's help the room remains a community resource, looks great, and is so easy to keep clean it’s amazing.”

Manager, Lyndsay Ellis said: “It is a privilege to help the church family of Mount Pleasant who we work regularly with and are always so welcoming. As soon as Pastor Gibbs contacted us advising if this damage due to the adverse weather, there was no hesitation to help by Vale Funerals donating the £750.00 for the flooring. Myself, Nicki, and team wish them every success and thank them also for their prayers and continued support to Nicki during her continued difficult cancer journey.”

Vale Funeral Service Supports Local Foodbank

Lyndsay, Nicki, and Ben of Vale Funeral Service of Barry wish to thank the community for yet another amazing supportive contribution towards their selection box appeal. Over 218 selection boxes (and still rising ) have kindly been donated by members of the community and as always they never let us down and we are so proud.

We are privileged to play an active part supporting our local community causes and hope that The Vale Foodbank who carry out an amazing voluntary service will bring festive cheer to accommodate families throughout the Vale with these selection boxes. Thank you from our hearts and our thoughts and prayers are with everyone at this time.

Vale Funeral Service Gives Cadoxton Imps a Striking Start

A privileged honour supporting our youngsters of the community. We are pleased to sponsor Cadoxton Imps this year and we wish to thank them for their lovely cards and messages. We hope you enjoy your new kits, beanies, and kit bags.

Christmas Memorial Service and Tree Blessing

As part of our continued support to our community, our funeral directors host an annual memorial service. Those who have lost loved ones can come into our service and place a memorial card on our Christmas tree, with their own message of remembrance.

The memorial messages are then blessed at this special service, creating a truly personal memory for all those involved. Anyone is welcome, and our friendly staff are on hand to assist you.

Easter Egg Appeal to Support Local Foodbank

This Easter 2017, we collected over 160 Easter eggs to donate to local causes. We kindly ask the local community to bring in Easter eggs to donate to the appeal.

Your kindness was much appreciated by all who received eggs donated by you - thank you.

Funeral Director Brings Clear Sound & Parking to Local Church

As part of our continued support within the community, Lyndsay and Nicki Ellis of Vale Funeral Service were privileged to fund a brand new sound system costing just under £2000 for All Saints Church, Barry.

Lyndsay explains: “Over the years we have noticed the changes regarding chosen music by families which reflects on a loved one’s genre or favourite artist/composer.”

“The kind donation came about when Lyndsay was conducting a funeral and having to provide their own sound system. Father Kevin Lake, team vicar of All Saints Church, Barry mentioned that they were looking into a new system but would cost around £2000. Immediately Lyndsay said that he could help, and with the amazing work by John Lewis of JPL Sound it has certainly made a difference.”

Father Kevin explains: “The system has transformed not just the liturgy and music within our church services, but also enhances the sound for the concerts, both classical, choral, and solo.”

Lyndsay and Nicki have not just made the sound system so clear but has also funded and donated funeral cones in order that cortege vehicles may park clearly outside the church. Lyndsay added that parking is sometimes an issue and these cones, placed out early in the morning for the day of the service will hopefully solve this issue.

We are so privileged to be able to provide these within our Rectorial Benefice, in order to continue to give loved ones and their families a true, personal and dignified service they truly deserve.