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Offering a range of packages that are tailored to every funeral we organise, our funeral costs vary as they depend on the style and content of the chosen service. Below are some examples of our funeral prices, but please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your loved one’s requirements.

Our Simple Funeral

Our Traditional Funerals

Complete Transparency

The cost of a funeral is largely dictated by the elements that are included within the funeral. These can vary greatly, depending, for example, on the type of coffin chosen, the number of following limousines and the crematorium or cemetery of your choice.

The funeral account will comprise two sets of charges. Firstly, there will be those charges made by The Vale Funeral Service for our professional fees and secondly, those charges made by third parties (known as disbursements) which we usually pay on your behalf.

Our professional fees begin with our 'Basic Simple' funeral. This funeral, created in accordance with the National Association of Funeral Directors code of practice, includes all of the necessary requirements for a simple funeral, including a plain coffin, crematorium cardboard container, and costs £3104 plus disbursements.

The simple funeral does not include the use of our chapel or our limousine, although these elements may be added. Basic simple funerals must also be conducted at a time to suit our diary.

Our traditional funerals include all the usual refinements associated with a high quality funeral. These include a hearse and one limousine and use of our chapel of rest. Traditional funerals are conducted, whenever possible, on a date and time to suit our families we serve. The cost of such a funeral, inclusive of collection of the deceased and making arrangements are from £3874 (Cremation) or £3931 (Burial) plus the cost of disbursements.

Please note : The cost of disbursements are required within 3 days of making funeral arrangements

All funerals conducted by The Vale Funeral Service are carried out to the highest of standards, with great respect being shown at all times, regardless of the cost of the funeral.


We pride ourselves on the transparency of our fees and make sure that every cost is fully explained to you at the time of planning. For your convenience, we accept all major credit and debit cards

Help with Payment of a Funeral Account

Payment of the funeral account is one of the first claims upon the estate of the deceased. But if there are insufficient funds in the estate, the account becomes the responsibility of whoever made the funeral arrangements. If you feel you may not be able to meet the costs of the funeral, please let us know as soon as possible so we can advise accordingly.

Should none of the following be available to you, we always make every effort to help with payment planning in every way that we can. Assistance may be available from:

Help with Payment of a Funeral Account

  • Department for Work and Pensions

  • Health Authorities

  • Local Authorities

  • War Pensions

  • Employer Pension Scheme

  • Trade Unions

  • Charities, Associations, Clubs, and Societies

For information on government support, please click here.